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Welcome to the U.S. Firearms Association website!

The objective of the US Firearms Association is to provide a portal for a wide spectrum of gun enthusiasts --- from the aspiring novice to the most experienced and advanced shooters and hobbyists.  Complete novices are welcome including prospective gun owners who have never shot a firearm in their lives.  Our goal is to promote a citizenry in America that is more gun knowledgeable and is comprised of proficient shooters.

Enthusiasts who are ordinary, law-abiding citizens are welcome, as well as professionals in the law enforcement, security and military fields are welcome.  The binding commonality is an interest in guns -- be it semi-automatic pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or automatic firearms.  By providing a portal, we hope that you will ultimately use this site as a launching pad on the Internet for all things gun-related.  Through time, we aspire to build more features so that we can indeed serve the needs of the firearms community.  You are most welcome to provide your input in how we can improve this portal.  Let us know in the forum.  Your input is welcome.

Upcoming Features

We've started by providing a forum to share ideas.  Please feel free to register and login right away.  Introduce yourself and feel free to provide your input.  Here are other features in the pipeline:

> Postal Marksmanship Qualification Program <

Participants will qualify for the various marksmanship ratings.  The following levels will be recognized:

  • Shooter
  • Sharpshooter
  • Expert
  • Master
  • Grand Master

Initially, we will create a program for bullseye pistol and bullseye rifle.  Eventually, we will branch out and include other firearms and provide different courses of fire to appeal to every type of shooter.  There can be programs for semi-automatic pistol only, revolver only, shotgun, and action handgun, as well.  Again, your input is most welcome.

The main feature of this program is that qualifications will be done on a postal basis.  In other words, you will find out from this site how to meet the standards of each qualification level, then you will independently shoot targets at a range local to you.  You will mail in your results.  The honor system is important here and we rely on your integrity to make this program a success.  You will thereafter earn the appropriate level and will receive recognition for you accomplishment.  Medals, certificates and online recognition will be given.

The postal aspect of this program will allow increased participation nationally and internationally, and hopefully make this a widely-recognized and popular program.

> Platinum Marksmanship Qualification Program <

The same marksmanship levels as the Postal Marksmanship Qualification Program will be bestowed depending on scoring results.  The difference is that the Platinum program requires a witness to signoff on your targets.  At some point, we will have a network of US Firearms Association Certified Instructors who can witness your targets.  Initially, a NRA (National Rifle Association) Certified Instructor, Coach or Rangemaster can serve as witness.  Awards to recognize your achievement will be conferred.

> Postal Shooting Contests <

Participants from every corner of the world will be able to participate in these shooting contests.  Awards will be given.

> Platinum Shooting Contests <

As with the marksmanship programs, there will be a version of shooting contests in which it is necessary to compete live and in-person.  A variation we can have is to have a witness to your target scores.  The witness can be a NRA Certified Instructor, Coach or Rangemaster, and eventually by an Association certified instructor.

And, of course, we can invite people from around the globe to a live shooting contest.  We can call it the US Firearms Association World (and National) Championships.

> US Firearms Association Certified Instructor Program <

We will offer a program to recognize firearms instructors around the country.  To be eligible, you need to be a NRA Certified Instructor (pistol, rifle, shotgun or other discipline) and signoff on a gun instructor creed of principles and behavior.  Participants in this program will be able to help the Association promote membership and participation world-wide.  This is intended to be a mutually-beneficial relationship between the Association and instructors.

> US Firearms Association Membership <

The membership program is crucial to our success.  Having a wide and large membership base will help us propagate our principles and share our gun knowledge with the rest of the country and the world.

> Firearms Resource Center <

The main objective is that this site become a true portal for all things gun-related.  Therefore, we will strive to include many gun-oriented resources here.  You will find news, reviews, and all kinds of gun information in this site.  Stay tuned!