US Firearms Association
About US Firearms Association

The objective of the US Firearms Association is to provide a portal for a wide spectrum of gun enthusiasts --- from the aspiring novice to the most experienced and advanced shooters and hobbyists.  Complete novices are welcome including prospective gun owners who have never shot a firearm in their lives.  Our goal is to promote a citizenry in America that is more gun knowledgeable and is comprised of proficient shooters.
Enthusiasts who are ordinary, law-abiding citizens are welcome, as well as professionals in the law enforcement, security and military fields are welcome.  The binding commonality is an interest in guns -- be it semi-automatic pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or automatic firearms.  By providing a portal, we hope that you will ultimately use this site as a launching pad on the Internet for all things gun-related.  Through time, we aspire to build more features so that we can indeed serve the needs of the firearms community.  You are most welcome to provide your input in how we can improve this portal.  Let us know in the forum.  Your input is welcome.


Our mission is to promote responsible firearm ownership that reflects American values and tradition in order for our law abiding citizens and the future generation to enjoy guns for sports, hunting and to keep and bear arms for self defense.


To touch, at the grassroots level, every law abiding citizen through education, non-biased, and clear explanation of the truth about firearms.

To teach law abiding citizens the proper way of handling firearms in order to enjoy the outdoor, target shooting, hunting, self defense and every aspects of firearms in the safest possible manner.